Training Week: Moose Jaw Couple Discovers the Ins and Outs of Real Deals

Sean and Jerri-Lynn Watson were in for a treat when they first peaked into the doorway of Real Deals’ headquarters. Having visited a few Real Deals shoppes before, the Moose Jaw, SK couple already knew quite a few things about Real Deals; that Real Deals sold wonderful home decor and fashion at amazing prices, that the atmosphere of the shoppes was something unique and unexpected and that they wanted one to call their own. What they came to discover is just what exactly it meant to own a Real Deals on Home Décor.

For four days the couple was bombarded with a barrage of information, learning everything from the ins-and-outs of marketing and advertising to the delicate balance of product and displays. They unpacked freight that towered over their heads and constructed beautiful displays and vignettes of décor, furniture and more. They learned just what exactly "Trendy Tops" are and discovered how we construct our classy industrial chic look in our RD Boutique.

Along with all the hard work and training, Jerri-Lynn and Sean also got to play. They made videos for Real Deals advertising, brainstormed some great build out-ideas for their very own shoppe and chatted with the whole Real Deals' corporate team. They inspired us with their bright, eager attitudes and intelligent, creative ideas for their future Moose Jaw Real Deals. It goes without saying we sent them off with high hopes at the end of the week.

Fast forward a month later and the dynamic Moose Jaw duo has built displays, painted buckets worth of walls and constructed dazzling brick walls for their shoppe. Countless 12+ hour days may have left them feeling a little sore in the morning, but their smiles endure. And they have great reason to! Moose Jaw citizens (not to mention people in surrounding towns) are already eagerly watching the Moose Jaw Facebook page for updates on the grand opening.

There’s a new home décor and boutique store in town and it’s gonna blow you away with its amazing selection and deals! We’ve no doubt Moose Jaw’s Real Deals on Home Décor will be an amazing hit, especially with such great owners as Jerri-Lynn and Sean. 

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