Foyer De Sion, located in Haiti, was founded in 1999 by Guesno and Marjorie Mardy who, although poor and needy themselves, took in seventeen children in desperate need of nutrition and love. Their vision helping others has grown, along with their household size. The faith hard work and dedication of Guesno and Marjorie have saved countless lives.

Real Deals has developed a very close relationship with the Mardy family and we have been blessed by that relationship. Real Deals is honored to donate a percentage of sales each month to Foyer De Sion. We have seen, firsthand, the effects that the Mardy’s have had on so many lives.

The Mardy’s have more than 200 children currently under their direct care. Since starting Foyer De Sion over 200 children have found home in the United States, Canada and France.

They also established Sionfonds which provides educational sponsorships and community projects, assists rural Haitians to help themselves, through education, health, care, job training and community improvements.

Our goal is to help the beautiful people and children of Haiti. Help us make a difference in their lives. Make a donation now by clicking on this link Foyer De Sion.

Foyer de Sion children