Creating Miniature Worlds with Fairy Gardens

///Creating Miniature Worlds with Fairy Gardens

Creating Miniature Worlds with Fairy Gardens

Hello Summertime! The flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and the fairies are flying! Wait, what’s that you say — what’s this fairy business about? Well, where have you been, hiding under a rock? That’s where the fairies go!

    If you haven’t heard, fairy gardens are the new favorite in garden décor and a great, entertaining project for parents and kids. Big kids (that’s you) are just as excited as their children this summer about creating worlds of tiny cobblestone paths, towering flowers and miniature woodland creatures in terracotta pots, glass globes and hanging terrariums. Real Deals on Home Décor’s Great Falls’ owner Monique Eakman says they’ve been selling out of fairy figurines, benches, quaint little cottages, footpaths, bridges and all kinds of accessories every time an order comes in. “’If you build it, they will come’ is the whimsical fantasy surrounding fairy gardens,” Monique says, “and it seems to captivate us all, not just the children.”

    Now where do these fairy gardens go you ask? Well just about every style of gardening containers can be used as a fairy home. Think glass orbs, decorative bowls, tea pots, and practically every other container you can imagine. “We see parents bring their children to help pick out a fun container and accessories for their fairy gardens, then they gather items like pebbles, twigs, pinecones and other small plants to craft their gardens,” says Eakman. Just think! It’s a perfect and inexpensive spring and summer project for kids to create and recreate throughout the seasons!

    Here at Real Deals’ Succulent Bar (yes, you heard us right, Succulent Bar baby), you and your children can scoop your own dirt or pebbles and place your own decorations in a variety of containers — from hanging bulb terrariums to geometric metallic glass containers. We’ve had customers use natural materials and succulents (in pale greens all the way to vibrant purples) to create amazing contemporary looks, but sometimes a fairy may even charm her way into serious terrariums. And we think that’s pretty cool.

    Fair Gardens are a wonderful invitation to play with your kids and create a peaceful, woodland diorama or an adventurous landscape complete with mystical creatures. Let us know what you build with your fairy garden and share with us on our Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #RealDealsFairyGardens!

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