Prickly Perfection: Getting Stuck on the Succulent Trend

///Prickly Perfection: Getting Stuck on the Succulent Trend

Prickly Perfection: Getting Stuck on the Succulent Trend

Feathered friends like flamingos, roosters and owls.

Crustaceans like crabs, lobsters, clams and shrimp.

Produce like artichokes, apples, radishes and pineapples.

These birds, sea creatures and fruits and veggies have all had their season in the design trend world. Flamingos and lobsters have adorned front lawns and bermuda shorts while clams and owls have been perched in powder rooms. And artichokes and pineapples have become the themes of many kitchens and dining rooms.

When it comes to home and even fashion trends, there’s always some sort of item iconized as the year’s kitchy favorite or objet d’art (whatever that means). 2018 has clearly been deemed the year of the succulent!

Saguaro, Prickly Pear, Joshua Tree and even Pincushion plants are all cropping up on watercolor paintings, coffee mugs, T-shirts, jewelry, and much, much more. These succulents and others, often thought of as a group of prickly-yet-pretty plants, are now softening up your home décor and wardrobe!

Check out these ideas:
● Ceramic cactus tchotchkes adorning a bookcase or floating shelf.
● Neon lights are perfect in a teenager’s bedroom.
● Cactus-shaped pillows are perfect for that porch swing!
● A felt or fabric cactus obviously makes an adorably functional pin cushion for your craft room.
● Don a perfect cactus tee, complete with a snarky saying, for a day of Saturday shopping!!

We’ve adored incorporating succulents, whether real or real-like, into our boho chic, modern and farmhouse style over the past few years. Now we can’t wait to adorn any style with the bright, varied shades of green and pops of pastels from each cacti’s delicate flowers!

Is this iconic style going to “stick” around? How are you incorporating cactus into your décor?

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